This will be a hit: The underwear for the next season!


The underwear of Andres Sardi has left the audience with a breathless audience at the Fashion Week in Madrid. It’s about sexy and provocative underwear, which supplements the dominant trends.

So, in the next season, besides black, white and cream underwear, the silver, gray and metallic blue colors will be up to date.

As for the materials, there are no novelties here: cotton, silk, satin, and lace are the irreplaceable materials when it comes to underwear.

The novelty is the return of the corset, but also the tricot. It’s good news since it’s about models that are practical and sexy.

The corset does not have to be worn only as an underwear, but also on its own, with sweats and pants, and the tricot, in addition to being better than a shirt, can also serve as a sleeper, but also for seduction …

As for cuts, the tangents lost the battle – there are not many in the new collections, unlike the so-called “Brasil” and classical models.


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