Three signs that reveal that you exercise too much


Exercise is important for health, but the line between workouts that is good for us and excessive exercise is very thin and sometimes easily crosses. It is therefore important to make a balance.

If after a workout you feel exhausted and have no energy then it’s definitely time to change the intensity and routine of exercise.

“One of the first signs that you exercise too much is fatigue, which makes you feel overweight throughout the day. If your adrenal glands are exhausted, there is no amount of coffee that will lift you up, “says Nora Tobin, nutritionist and fitness trainer.

An unexplained weight gain is also a sign that you exercise too much.

“If cortisol, the hormone of stress, is too high calorie burning is disabled. Even if you are properly fed, the hormonal imbalance caused by excessive exercise will cause an increase in body weight and energy shortages, “said Tobin.

She recalls that fatigue, energy shortages and weight gain are serious symptoms that alter the quality of your life, but it can be avoided if you make certain changes.

“To solve this problem quickly and effectively, do intense physical exercises for up to 40 minutes or every other day. Instead, practice yoga, pilates, moderate aerobics or simply walk. You will recover quickly, you will reduce your inflammation and you will see a lot more results, “advises Tobin.


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