Three ways to spend more calories by running


Have you ever run to a tape in the gym asking yourself why are you so slowly spending calories? If your answer is confirmed, it’s time to change the way you work out.

Coach David Sick reveals how to burn more calories on the lena for running.

1. Use the hill option

“The combination of a steep path and speed will help you burn calories faster,” says Sik. Smell and sprint activate more muscles, which means you consume more calories.

2. Combine HIIT and LISS exercises

Studies have shown that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) burns incredible amounts of calories in the short term, but Sick says we should not be concentrated solely on this type of training. Running the tape should be combined with LISS (stationed low-intensity condition), as well as with cardio exercises for the body to be in balance.

3. Check the pulse

Coach Sick says it’s important to speed up the exercise pulse to be effective. It is important to wisely organize short breaks, during which your pulse will be normalized.



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