Timeline: The best ad with footballers of all time


Do you remember the ads for Nike Joga Bonito since 2006?

Designed to inspire a whole generation and fight bad behavior on the ground, advertisements from this campaign have promoted this wonderful game in its purest form.

Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Thierry Henry, and Wayne Rooney were the stars of the ads in which the players showed their skills.

All but two players from these ads are retired – only Ronaldo and Ibra are active.

Ronaldo, 34, came from Real Madrid in Juventus last year for 100 million euros and today he is considered one of the best players, and Ibrahimovic, 37, breaks down in the MLS for the LA Galaxy.


These two are the stars of the convincingly best advertisement for this campaign. From today’s point of view – just a priceless piece of advertising.


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