Tips for detoxification after the holidays


All the food and drinks we enter for the holidays are difficult for the stomach. So after completing the holidays, it’s not a bad thing to pay a little attention and help the body to refresh and refine it faster.

Nutritionist Stephanie Masterman has several simple tips for purifying the body after the holidays.

1. Do not starve

Masterman says that those who want to lose weight or pay attention to health forget about starvation. It advises the consumption of a variety of foods to bring in all the nutrients.

“The food we eat provides the ingredients needed for detoxification, and starvation prevents the organs important for detoxification to function normally. The liver, the lungs, the kidneys, the intestines, and the skin all work together to get rid of toxins, but each organ needs nutrients to function properly, “she explains.

2. Do not expect miracles

“Detoxification products often promise a dramatic loss of weight, that you will look 10 years younger and more. If you believe that, you will quickly lose money. One of the most common New Year’s decisions is losing weight. For fast weight loss people usually go to so-called liquid diets, low-calorie drinks, and so on, “she says.

By adhering to this diet you may lose weight, but you will lose a lot of fluids from the body, glycogen, and even muscle. Healthy eating, physical activity and avoiding things that are not good for health are the best way to feel good and so look.

3. What should you eat?

The human body can itself toss out toxins, and foods rich in vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and antioxidants help it.

She advises you to eat more citrus fruit, to drink green tea, to eat beets, walnuts and seeds, as well as beans (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, aronia, currants).


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