Two children with Down syndrome have formed an unbreakable friendship (photo)


Clara and Cutler’s mothers say that their hearts are melting when they see their little ones become inseparable friends.

When Lana Biton and Amy Sanders decided to get to know their babies with Down Syndrome, they believed that there would be some kind of relationship between them.

But they definitely never imagined that between the two children, which differ only a few months, an unbreakable friendship would be formed.

Now mothers are the most supportive of each other, and their children, Amy’s son, Cutler, and Lana’s daughter, Clara are inseparable friends.

Children have two years and, although they are characteristically different, they worship themselves.

Mothers even formed together the blog “Clara & Cutler” hoping to help all parents who have Down syndrome children.

Meet Clara and Cutler:


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