Unforgettable sex poses for every “bad” girl


If you are a wild girl who loves sex, you surely are bored of the standard sex poses. It’s time for a little kamasutra and ideas for which you will be grateful.

Enhance your experience with these 5 poses:

Hitting your ass

He should sit on the bed with stretched legs, and you put yourself in the opposite cowboy posture, but with your legs stretched backwards, and your torso between his buttocks and knees.

She will admire the unforgettable rare sight and easy access to clap your ass. Scrub the situation by telling them to catch you for the hairpin.

Gazela Style

He must sit on the bed with stretched legs, and you shall spread it upon him. As he enters slowly in you, you tilt his back down, until he touches his buttins.

When he penetrates into you, tell him to tilt, so that his mouth will come on your chest, so you can freely play with your warts.


Start lying on the bed on the back with knees bent and legs in the air. Keep your head straight while grabbing your ankles and pulling your butt up to the level of his penis.

Once it enters you, spread your legs as much as you can for a show that you will never forget.


Let him lie down on his back and let him lift his feet to the chest, then cross his hips and kneel down so that your thighs will embrace him.

Before tilting to it, tie your hands with your panties to your bed for complete control.


Let it lie down on its back with one leg bent. Stop and sit on his penis. Press on his raised leg for clitoral stimulation while riding.

You also have access to his testicles, so you can play with them. It’s a region where men in recent polls have discovered they want more attention.


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