Vienna declared the most beautiful place to live


  According to this year’s research report from the British magazine The Economist, Vienna has been named the best city to live in this year as well.

Vienna and Melbourne race to win the title of “Best City to Live” each year, but until last year, the Australian city was always at the forefront.

In fourth place is Osaka (Japan), followed by three Canadian cities: Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. Among the top 10 cities is another European city: Copenhagen, which took ninth place.

The survey covered 140 cities around the world and evaluated sustainability, health, culture, environment, education, infrastructure and crime rates. The consequences of climate change were included for the first time in the annual assessments.

Vienna scored an almost perfect score with a score of 99.1 out of a possible 100 points. Sydney climbed from fifth to third, the reason the city improved its cultural offerings and environmental status.

Paris has dropped six places following the partially violent protests of the Yellow Vests and is now in 25th place.

Besides Damascus, the least desirable cities to live in the world are Dhaka in Bangladesh and Lagos in Nigeria.


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