Wedding photographers discover which signs are whether marriage will last or not


Wedding photographers shared their views on the signs that reveal whether married couples will survive by how they behaved when they photographed a wedding.

One Reddit user asked the photographers who used the platform whether, in their experience as wedding photographers, they noticed indicators in the behavior of couples at wedding photo shows that reveal how long the marriage will last.

The question received over 6,000 comments from photographers who discovered the signs indicating that the couples were not ready for marriage. This is reflected in their expression on the face, they say, and they add that from their experience they can recognize a fake from a sincere smile.

“One sign is when one of the partners repeatedly criticizes the other during the photo shoot and then publishes a photo with a comment: ‘I married / married my soulmate,'” a photographer revealed.

Another recalled the situation when the bride asked to return the money because the groom “did not look happy in the photos”.

“They divorced one year later. I know it because I photographed the same man in the engagement with his new wife four years after the first wedding, “he says. “The second photos were much happier.”

For some photographers, the way the newly married couple arrange to cut the wedding cake tells a lot and often reveals the true feelings and how well the partners are respected.

“Answer by photographer: For me the best sign is cutting the cake. Some couples want to crawl with a cake, others do not. They are usually aligned on that issue. If one loves, and the other does not get the second cake in the face, it is usually perceived as humiliation. These couples subsequently ended up divorcing, “explains one of the” proponents “of this theory.

The way married couples deal with stressful situations on the wedding day tells a lot about them as a couple, some photographers say.

“If on that day, when there is usually a lot of tension and stress, the partners behave with one another with respect and understanding, rather than being obsessed with whether everything is perfect, it is a good indicator that they will be able to cope with the bigger problems that brings married life. ”

The way the couples arrange what wedding photos they want and if they are spontaneous and free even in some “freaky” postures they make with a wide smile on their face shows that the couple will last for a long time, consider the photographers.


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