What are the men lying about, and what about women when it comes to sex?


In the latest research on how honest men are and how many women when it comes to sex, 2,000 men and women gave their intimate opinion. The results show that there are big differences between the sexes, reports Metro.

According to the results of the survey, the most popular lie among women is related to the number of partners they slept, while men often lie that they do not cheat their partners.

Women often lie to experience orgasm, do not tell the truth when they say they do not fantasize about sex with other men and a lie when they tell their partner that they have a headache before sex. Women do not tell the truth when they say they do not masturbate and do not watch porn movies.

On the other hand, men often know to deceive when they share a companion’s compliment, that they like her physical appearance. Among the most common lies are those who are durable in bed and do not know what happened to that particular night.


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