What are the most common sexual problems of couples?


Most people who have a problem of sexual nature think they are the only ones who have faced something like this, which discourages them from talking about it and asking for help.

Sexual therapists share the most common problems that couples have in their sex life and encourage people to have more open communication with their partners about sex.

One of the topics often mentioned in the practice is that for sex, psychological and physical readiness is equally needed. Poor mood, everyday exposure to stress, exhaustion, all of this can have a negative impact on the action in the bedroom. Erectile dysfunction is much more common in younger males than is considered, and the talk about it is usually psychological or caused by various means of tranquility that are taken on their own.

Therapists emphasize that the pleasure in the bedroom starts out of it. Many couples have a problem communicating in other aspects of the relationship, and this also reflects on sex. If there is no understanding and open communication between the partners, only the emotional gap increases, the barriers rise and the tension increases, which does not compensate any “tranquility sex”.

One sex therapist outlines the inconsistency of partners’ sexual urges and emphasizes that it happens much more often than we think. It does not mean that partners are not attracted sexually, but because of the rapid way of life and overwork with obligations, there is difficulty matching the sexual birites in both husband and wife. Here again it is about communication and finding a solution that suits the two partners. The therapist recommends reacting as soon as possible when some problem and inconsistency is noticed and not prompted by the conclusions that you are no longer attracted to partners or that the sexual spark has disappeared.


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