What does the science of babies born in May say?


According to previous scientific research, people born in the fifth month of the year are at lower risk of developing diseases related to the respiratory system, cardiovascular system and some neurological conditions. But that’s not all.

Persons born in May by nature are romantics, and when they love someone they are sincere in love. But they are not sincere only in love, but in the friendships they build quickly and never turn their backs on true friends. People born in May have a creative gene that stands out in all kinds of arts. Their mind works in an interesting way.

People born in May are mostly talented musicians, actors, writers or creators. They want to travel and hate to sit at home.

Interestingly, babies born in May are of higher birth weight and stronger than babies born in winter months. Also, people born this month are considered happier, so at least it shows a survey involving almost 30,000 participants. They gave an assessment of how much they regard themselves as happy, compared to people born during the winter period. People born in May said they were happiest, while those born in November were the most pessimistic.

Seattle, Washington, USA.

Similar to children born in April, those in May are stubborn, but their critical thinking helps them overcome obstacles. Interestingly, people born in May very easily lose their patience and know how to quickly break out. This makes them harsh. You never know what they will offend and what they will break into anger. Anger quickly passes them, but they erupt very often.


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