What does your face wrinkles say about your health? Problems with the heart are read from the forehead


Wrinkles on the face, in addition to releasing our years and accumulated fatigue, also indicate which disease we are likely to get in the future.

What does your face wrinkles say about your health? Problems with the heart are read from the forehead

For example, deep wrinkles on the forehead can be an early indication of atherosclerosis, or worsened blood vessels that can lead to serious heart disease. A study lasting 20 years and participants ranging in age from 32 to 62 found that people with deep wrinkles on their foreheads were more likely to die of heart disease than those who did not. The occurrence of these lines on the forehead is most often caused by stress, which in turn is the major cause of heart disease.

Wrinkles on the cheeks – skin cancer
Even when there are no recognizable sunspots on your face that indicate possible skin cancer, the presence of thin wrinkles on your cheeks indicates the same.

Very small wrinkles – high blood pressure
The earlier study showed that women who in their adulthood can boast a youthful appearance and lack of striking wrinkles actually had lower blood pressure than those with visible lines. Scientists believe this is because the blood vessels of the ladies without wrinkles are healthier and thus look younger, so they better protect the skin. Whereas, in those with visible wrinkles, the veins were in a worse state, ie they were less passive and therefore there was a risk of high blood pressure.

Complete facial wrinkles – osteoporosis
The link between osteoporosis, bone disease, and a rich network of facial wrinkles is collagen. Namely, the secretion of this protein due to the elasticity of the skin as well as the firmness of the bones has been reduced in our body for years. The result is more wrinkles and bones that are prone to osteoporosis.


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