What happens to your body when you do not have sex?


Perhaps it will sound exaggerated to someone, but sex is literally the reason that lives on Earth. Some people decide to practice it often, but some go to the other extreme and (by their choice or not) completely abstain from sex. Does it have any consequences?

Have you ever wondered if sex is needed on your body? Or do you think that this is only part of life that can, but not necessarily, be part of your everyday life?

Some religions and religious groups even persuade their followers to abstain from sex for a certain period due to spiritual and physical “purification of the body”. You may not be aware of it, but your body really changes when you stop being sexually active.

1 – Affect your dreams

Dreams are one of the brain functions that we experience just as pleasure and pain. The human brain consists of an interesting network of chemicals that work together to provide us with happiness and health. Studies have shown that lack of sex in real life results in very common sexual dreams in humans.

2 – Improves self-awareness

The feeling of happiness, satisfaction and acceptance comes from the chemical reactions of the brain. In the same way, sexual activities that secrete chemicals make you feel unbelievable. A lack of sex causes a chemical imbalance, which makes you much more aware of your environment – and this can cause bad feelings and depression.

3 – Stress increases

Sexual liberation is a natural way to eliminate stress – it’s not just human but also animal instinct. Abstinence from sex will cause stress relief, which in turn can affect your health, that is, manifested by headaches, poor sleep, dietary problems, and the like. Listen to your body and practice sex.

4 – The immune system is weaker

Your immune system helps you fight bacteria, and its weakening can cause you many health problems. Sex enhances the immune system, so – the more often you have sex, the more you increase your chances of having a disease (or avoiding) successfully.

5 – Mental performance can be improved

Depending on how you lead your life, this can, but does not have to be valid for you. Sexual inactivity can help you have more time and energy to perform mental functions. Supposedly, abstinence affects increased concentration and patience, which means your brain (in some cases) works better without sex. Who would say?


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