What is the Hyundai logo?


The logo of the Korean car maker Hyundai consists of a stylized letter “H” inside the ellipse, but is that all?

The logo plays an important role in every serious company, especially in the modern automotive industry when models increasingly resemble each other, and when the brand of the vehicle is recognized only after the car’s emblem.

While some manufacturers in their emblem have written the brand name, others use different symbols or a stylized initial letter in the brand name.

Korean Hyundai has traveled a long way from a relatively anonymous Asian maker to a world-renowned automotive brand at the beginning of the 21st century.

Hyundai is today a globally recognized and recognized brand, and the logo on the front of their cars has become a recognizable symbol.

However, the emblem consisting of a symbolized, italic initial letter from the brand name written in an ellipse has its meaning.

Namely, Hyundai explains that the logo in the shape of the letter “H” is actually two people who are handled – the two verticals are faces, and the horizontal that connects it represents the act of handling.

One person symbolizes the company itself, and the other clients, so the logo should actually represent a harmonious and friendly relationship between these two subjects, and not just the classic roles of a seller and a merchant.

As with other car makers, the Hyundai logo changed over time and evolved.

At one time, the Korean company used the letters “HD” for its logo because Hyundai was worried that if they left the letter “H”, people could confuse them with the Japanese manufacturer Honda.


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