When do we enjoy sex the most?


There are many myths about sex and sexual enjoyment, and one of them is that adolescents have the craziest sex and middle-aged people the most boring.

But research proves just the opposite. Namely, people in their 50s have the most fun and enjoy sex the most!

This is also confirmed by the results of a survey conducted by the Trojan portal involving 2,400 people aged 40 to 59 years.

Nearly two-thirds of the people surveyed said they had enjoyed their last sexual experience and had regular sexual intercourse.

As many as 63% of respondents said that at that age they felt most at ease and more willing to experiment than when they were ten years younger.

“There is a belief and perception that over the years sex has become less important, less pleasant and generally more orderly,” said Dr. Robin Milhausen, who participated in the study.

A recent study by Lumen reveals that people in their 50s decide to have sex with a new partner in their first three meetings.


According to this study, in 50’s sex lasts about 25 minutes and three poses change, the most common being missionary.


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