When is it a good idea to calm down with the former?


Are you thinking of renewing a relationship with a former guy? In very rare situations, this is a good idea, most of all since you must have had a good reason to break up.

But there are several situations where perhaps the instinct does not lie to you, especially if you have parted with the guy, and you have not broken up because of some insurmountable difference. However, these are the five situations that suggest that it may be a good idea to settle down with the former:

Think of him at important moments

If you think of him at moments that are really important to you, that means you are missing and want to share those important events and moments with him. Examine if he was here for you in the past in such incredible moments and how you felt then.

You’re trying to make it jealous

If you are thinking of ways to make the ex-jealous, it means that it’s still important for you to think about you. If you have an affair, then you will not worry about his opinion. Have a good look at whether you need it or just want to be the “winner” in the game “who likes it better after the break.”

You compare other men with him

If you compare all potential partners with him (not with the other ex-offenders) and no one can “approach him,” it is clear that you still have deep feelings for him. It may be time to stop asking for a replacement and either to settle down with him or simply be yourself alone for some time.

You are missing out on trifles

It is normal after the breakup to miss the general feeling that you are in the couple, the great moments and memories you have with that line. But if you lack trifles, as a facial expression, a phrase that you used often, a song that was favored … these are signs that you miss a person, not a relationship, which means that if he feels so, you can give yourself a second chance.


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