Why are we getting older in the winter?


You may have noticed that during the winter, the facial skin is drier, just like the skin of the hands. How does cold weather affect the skin and why is it faster in the winter?

Here’s what dermatologists say:

1. The air is drier

In winter, the air is drier and cooler, and it does not really affect the skin because it disturbs its natural balance.

“The dry air and the hostile conditions that prevail during the winter cause redness and pronounced sensitivity. This over time contributes to accelerated aging of the skin, “said dermatologist Ted Lane.

2. Under greater stress

The season of holidays and the expectations we have in that period raise the level of stress that we are exposed to.

“The rise in cortisol levels, the hormone of stress, affects the skin, causing a worse condition of the tone and texture, which contributes to premature aging,” says Dr. Lane.

She advises us to find time for relaxation, for a good movie and visiting a spa center.

3. Showering with too hot water

During the winter, some people tend to bathe in hot water, but too hot water additionally dries the skin, washing away natural fats from the skin and therefore becoming dry and sensitive.

“That’s why it’s best to shower with warm water, and then immediately apply a hydrating cream or body milk,” said Dr. Dandy Engelmann, a dermatologist from New York.

4. Do not use hand cream

In the winter you have to wash your hands every hour, and it is also one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from the flu. After each wash, use a hand cream.


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