Why do some people lose weight slower?  


The key to weakening could be hidden in the human intestines. Namely, a new study found that some people have larger amounts of bacteria in the intestines, which are key to dieting and exercise.

“Human intestines are still a mystery. They can act on everything from immunity to brain activity and each person has different bacteria in the intestines, but we still can not understand how these bacteria affect the individual, “writes Daily Mail.

Now scientists at the Mayo Clinic have found that some people have a higher level of Phascolarctos bacteria, which seem to be important for attenuation.

“Some people lose weight slower despite caloric deficits and increased physical activity,” said researcher and gastroenterologist Purna Cassiap.

The Purna team at the Mayo Clinic, tried to find out if there are factors that influence some people responding slowly to traditional weight loss methods compared to others.

“Bacteria in the intestine have the ability to destroy the complex particles in the food, which gives us extra energy. It’s normal and good. But in some, this process can cause problems if it comes to the lack of a particular bacterium, “said a doctor at the Mayo Clinic, Vandana Nechra.

Within the research, samples of intestinal bacteria were also analyzed, in 26 people who were treated at the Mayo Clinic, due to an excess of pounds. It has been found that in those who did not lose weight, the level of bacteria was different.

The bacteria of the genus Phascolarctos, according to the conclusion, are associated with the success of losing weight, while the bacteria of the genus Dialister are associated with difficulty in attenuation.


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