Xiaomi: We do not want to know us as a maker of cheap phones


Business and pricing policy of the Chinese company Xiaomi contributed to a large increase in production, an increase in demand and the number of users, and the overall popularity of this brand in the last few years. But it can soon be changed.

Xiaomi offers quite high performance on their phones at a relatively low price – far lower than the price of competing models in the market.

It seems that the low prices of the Xiaomi models are coming to an end, as rumors have already begun that the company intends to raise the prices of the phones from the entire production line. It was announced by the company’s CEO and co-founder, Lee Jun.

“We want to get rid of the reputation of a manufacturer whose smartphones cost less than 2,000 yuan (about $ 300). We want to invest more and make better products. Our phones in the future could be more expensive – perhaps not much, but more expensive, “said Jun.

He revealed that the company’s management said that the current model Mi 9 could be the latest flagship model from the company that will be offered for a price of less than 3,000 yuan (about $ 445).

Otherwise, Xiaomi has already set aside Redmi as its sub-brand, under which it will produce and market devices with affordable and cheaper prices.


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